At Give School Kids a Brake we are committed to ensuring the safety of our children in and around school zones across Georgia. School should always be a safe environment for our students, whether in the classroom or on the way to or from home.

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Why School Zone Safety Matters:

Our children are the future. School Zones should be spaces where they can learn and grow in a safe environment. Tragically, accidents in and around school zones happen far too often. From speeding vehicles to distracted drivers, these areas can become danger zones. Give School Kids a Brake is dedicated to addressing these issues head-on.

Our Goals

Reduced Speed Limits

Advocate for lower speed limits in school zones to protect children from speeding vehicles.

Enhanced Crosswalks

Work to implement safe and well-marked crosswalks near schools, ensuring children can cross streets safely.

Strict Enforcement

Advocate for stricter enforcement of traffic laws in school zones, including fines for dangerous driving.


Promote education campaigns for drivers and pedestrians about the importance of school zone safety

Infrastructure Improvements

Push for improved infrastructure, such as better lighting and signage, to enhance safety.


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