Warner Robins police to activate school zone speed cameras as new academic year begins

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. (WGXA) – The Warner Robins Police Department has concluded the warning period for speed cameras near Warner Robins High School, Lake Joy Elementary and Primary, Northside High School, and Huntington Middle School. Starting August 2, 2023, as the 2023-2024 school session begins, Red Speed cameras near each school will be fully operational to enhance the safety of students and pedestrians in the vicinity. This initiative is part of a comprehensive program aimed at addressing speeding concerns in designated red zones.

The recently implemented Red Speed cameras are designed to enforce the speed limit by capturing vehicles traveling at 11 mph or more over the posted limit during posted school zone hours, Monday through Friday while school is in session. These measures have been implemented to reduce instances of speeding and promote safer driving practices, particularly in areas with high foot traffic and near educational institutions.

During the initial 45-day warning period, the focus was on educating and reminding drivers about the upcoming implementation of speed cameras. Violators received warning notices by mail. Additionally, signs were posted near each camera’s location to inform drivers of the presence of a photo-enforced speed zone. The Red Speed cameras collect the speed of passing vehicles and photos of license plates as needed. The collected information is then sent to the Warner Robins Police for verification. If speeding violations are confirmed, a civil fine will be issued to the vehicle’s registered owner.

Interim Police Chief Roy Whitehead is leading this campaign, highlighting the utmost importance of road safety and the necessity to address speeding on city streets. “Our primary objective is to create a safe environment for our students and all community members,” said Chief Whitehead. “By deploying speed cameras near schools, we aim to deter speeding violations and encourage responsible driving habits.”

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