Georgia Walk & Roll to School Day is 3/6/24!

Walk and Roll Events encourage families to try walking and biking/rolling to school. They’re key events throughout the year: International Walk to School Day in October, Georgia Walk & Roll to School Day in March, and National Bike to School Day in May.

Events can be walk TO school, walk AT school when it’s too far or unsafe, or walk FROM school. Events may include bike/ped safety education, strategies like Park & Walk, and promoting new routes. Invite decision makers and people that can influence improved infrastructure, call attention to the safety of a route, provide bike/ped safety education to students, and encourage driver awareness. Create walking school buses and bike trains. Then, once you’ve seen how much fun one of these major events can be, try doing them more often – monthly or even weekly! The goal is regular and safe walking and rolling to and from your school, and sometimes all it takes is a family trying it out one time!

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